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Although the furniture may occupy a lot of space inside the room, I still believe that every area in the house is defined by the floor space it covers. Not every house has separate rooms for every distinct part. There are times when the dining and living areas have to share a single room. Since a wall does not separate these spaces then each area can be defined through the floor space.

Role of Rugs and Carpets

When I talk about having distinct floor areas for the different functions of a room, I do not mean having two different types of floor tiles to separate the room. My idea of distinct floor areas is one which still holds on to the fact that there is one room but it appropriately functions in two ways or more. It is not literally dividing the room, a common ground should still be kept.

The best way of creating a distinct floor area for every particular function and space of a common room is to put carpets and area rugs. I always think rugs are fast, easy and stylish ways to create a separate space in a common room. Also, rugs and carpets draw attention to the floor and they highlight the marble or the polished wood that used to be neglected thanks to all the furniture covering it.

Area rugs do not cover the entire floor. They simply cover a certain area designated to have a specific function. A room used for two separate sitting areas will definitely have a lot of chairs in the room. Mixing up areas is something that we would have to avoid so people will easily understand the function of the room from the moment they step in. The area rugs will serve like a separate floor for the different sitting areas and people will easily notice how one is separated from the other.

From Carpets Direct

I like to order my carpets from Carpets Direct. I do not have that much time to go to stores and spend hours on going through carpet after carpet. Being the one of the pioneers of companies that has a website allowing people to view their products online, Carpets Direct surely has the experience of satisfying the rug and carpet needs of their customer through online interaction.

Easy Access

If you live in Europe, especially within London, Carpets Direct has a mobile showroom. Customers can request this moving showroom to visit them and make their choice at home. I think that through the years, Carpets Direct has sincerely learned how to look after the needs of their customers they even try to reach out and make choosing the right rugs and carpets convenient for the customers.

Get Quality Conveniently

The carpets and area rugs can do so much for a room –using carpets and rugs from Carpets Direct can do so even more. The quality of the rugs will definitely have results. The reason why I go for Carpets Direct is because they have both quality rugs and carpets and a convenient system for customers to purchase what they want.