The BT Baby Monitor is the finishing touch in your dream nursery

The BT Baby Monitor is the finishing touch in your dream nursery. Designed with usability in mind, this baby safety monitor offers several features that any new (and seasoned) parent cannot live without. Equipped with an easy-to-use menu, the lullaby, intercom, temperature, and sensitivity features are easily managed directly from the main system or remotely from the wireless unit even while you are half asleep in your bed.

The microphone sensitivity feature is an asset for all of the new parents that are easily stirred by all the new noises that come with a new infant. With the ability to remotely change the sensitivity level from the portable unit, this feature is designed to filter out annoying background noises such as running fans or ticking clocks that can keep you awake all while tuning in to the most important sounds like a crying, distressed baby.

Also invaluable on the BT digital baby monitor is the intercom feature. This little gem of a feature allows you to talk and sooth your fussy child even from several rooms away until you are able to physically tend to them.  As a bonus to parents with older children this feature will let you tell that little one who wakes up in the middle of the night to go back to sleep all without getting out of your bed.

And speaking of little ones that wake up in the middle of the night, many parents have found that the remote lullaby feature has been just what the baby needs to fall back asleep.

And finally, not to be overlooked, is the temperature display and linked alarm. Many babies are sensitive to the surrounding temperature. If it starts to get too warm or chilly nap time or night time sleep can be interrupted or cut short causing unhappy babies and unhappy parents. With the temperature being monitored, even alarmed while you sleep, you can be proactive at keeping the baby nursery at just the right temperature.

So when you’re considering the finishing touches that make up your nursery, don’t forget the BT Baby Monitor.