The natural look of terracotta makes it quite versatile

Those who want to get creative can have so much fun in decorating with terracotta pots in the house. The natural look of terracotta makes it quite versatile. It would easily match different kinds of decorating styles so homeowners would not have a hard time in their arrangement. The wide range of sizes available would also guarantee that there would be a piece perfectly fitted for what the homeowner has in mind. For instance, if it is to be placed on a patio coffee table, there are many small pots in terracotta to choose from.

Aside from the size, there are also limitless designs. There are basic shapes for simple patio arrangements. There are also elaborate designs sculpted on terracotta pots. Those are the ones perfect for gardens with a touch of romance. Pots can actually be shaped in any way so it is not surprising to see so many variations. Aside from the typical floral and swirling flourishes, there are ethnic carvings too.

Fun designs would include those shaped after farm animals, children at play and food and vegetables. It is really up to the homeowner how to design their space. Some terracotta pots are not made purely out of clays. Some have added details such as tile mosaics embedded on the clay. Others are hand painted with flora and fauna and there are those finished in decoupage.

There are ones intended to be placed on the floor. There are also smaller models that are perfect for small flowering plants. Homeowners should not limit themselves to using these for plants. It can also serve as storage for varied items. A deep and round piece may be perfect for housing the gardening tools outdoors. Tall ones can be used as an umbrella holder. Square and shallow garden pots can be placed on a console table in the living room where items such as keys and coins can be placed. People need to use their imagination to fully utilize pots.