These TVs typically come with the same features as the larger models

When it comes to purchasing a television set, bigger isn’t always better. Those that have a smaller space may find that a smaller set is exactly what they need. However, one should be careful when choosing electronics such as this. Although the 22 inch LCD TV is usually available at a reasonable price, this isn’t the only thing to consider when buying. The brand, features and other factors may be just as important.

These TVs typically come with the same features as the larger models, give or take a few things that may add to the cost. Standard features most often include a remote control, various quality settings and things of this nature. Features that may be optional are the ability to mount the television on the wall, DVD players and surround sound. Most will not automatically come with mounting brackets and this is an extra cost that the consumer will have to take on. In addition to this, not all of these features will always be optional. Some manufacturers do not have smaller models with the surround sound and other perks. This will depend on the brand that the individual is considering buying. Despite this, the smaller version televisions like this provide comparable sound and picture quality, while saving space.

The 22 inch LCD TV comes in various price ranges. Prices will most often reflect the brand name and does not typically bear on the quality of this product. However, some brands may offer a limited or extended warranty on the pricier items, making it worth the few extra dollars. Once again though, this will depend on the brand and where the retailer where the television was purchased. The consumer in search for something that is affordable and does not sacrifice quality may find that this is the television to suit their individual needs and budget.