Embroidery Machine

Technology has been used to improve almost every part of our lives.  Cars run better, homes are more comfortable and surgeries are easier.  This same type of advancement has crossed over into embroidery machines as well.   Buying a machine today requires a little more investigation compared to just a few years ago.  Embroidery machines are equipped with multiple features that may seem confusing at first. When considering the purchase of a new embroidery machine there are a few things to consider.

Multiple Heads

Most home versions of sewing machines offer only a single needle that holds one kind of thread.  This is fine for most hobbyists and home uses.  However, for people that are considering using embroidery machines for a business, a multiple head would likely be a better option.  Multiple heads can hold several needles and different colors of threads.  This could be a real time saving option when working with intricate logos.

Computer Compatibility

It is no surprise that computers are now able to work in conjunction with embroidery machines.  Software can draw out an almost unlimited varieties of designs that can be placed on hats, aprons, backpacks and so many other items.  It is crucial that the computer and software currently being used are comparable with the embroidery machine.

Quality of Construction

When investing money in a machine you want to make sure that is made well and will last a long time.  A good machine will operate quietly with smooth operations.  The hinges and levers will be constructed of durable materials.  Fabric will flow freely across the machine during the operation.

Sewing area

Most sewing machines offer a limited space for working.  This may not work so well with an embroidery business.  Some customers request embroidery on large items.  These items can be a nightmare with smaller machines.  The size of the machine will be dictated by the type of work that is frequently completed.

Singer machines

One of the best brands of machines that matches these requirements is Singer.  The lineup of Singer embroidery machines are some of the best in the industry.  These machines offer some of the best technological features available.  Some of their machines offer a function that can thread needles automatically.  Many of the machines accept multiple types of computer software so there is not limit to the type of work that can be done.

Singer embroidery machines are synonymous with sewing.  They are one of the oldest brands still in existence and with  good reason.  They are durable machines with lots of features to suit every need and budget.