Why choose when you can also have both

When the time comes to buy that new flat panel television you have a couple of decisions to make. Do you want to put it on a TV stand or perhaps wall mount it like a picture. There are advantages to both but it really depends on your personal taste and maybe available floor space. With a television stand you can pretty much eliminate a section of the wall and floor but you also pick up some nice storage features and clean up all the wiring mess that comes along with electronics. Today’s TV stands come equipped with hidden wiring channels and lots of media, gaming and cable and satellite equipment storage.

TV mounts are great because they give you that clean wall mounted look without taking up any floor space. This is particularly great for smaller entertainment rooms that house larger televisions. The drawback to TV mounting is that it is often hard to hide wiring and thus the cleanliness of the TV is hampered. There are wire hiding tricks to the trade and if you have a hollow wall this can be done efficiently by a professional.

Should you decide to purchase a TV stand or mounting system there are several places you can go. Furniture stores and electronic stores both have a plethora of options to choose from. Best Buy has a great selection of stands and mounts to go with their designated flat panel televisions. If you need someone to install it for you they can do this as well. In fact most of your furniture stores will have someone deliver it and either put it together if need be or install it.

Online stores tend to have some of the best selections of modern TV stand furniture. Glass is definitely the most popular these days and you can get it in a host of colors, black being the most popular. Make sure if you buy online you check shipping rates as they can sometimes be outrageous considering you are dealing with a heavy piece of furniture.