This baby could really get your work done easier and faster

I am sure most of you guys have bought a piece of disassembled furniture at least once in your lives. If you’re like me then you probably tear open the box with joy, anxious to start building. However, you quickly realize that there are way too many screws, and that you will get annoyed having to fasten them all by hand with the crummy included tools. This is where a cordless power screwdriver comes in handy. Many of you might think that a tiny little power tool like a cordless screwdriver is only useful for women or children. We’ll you thought wrong!

After having a rather large altercation with a big wall unit I was building, I decided to find a way to make my work easier. The only thing I could find in my house was my old drill, which is corded. Unfortunately, there were a few big problems with my attempt to fasten screws with this drill. First of all, the cord was in the way or wasn’t long enough to reach the screw. When I was able to fasten the screw, the drill was way too powerful and ended up driving the screw so far into the wood that it damaged it. After a few failed attempts, I dropped everything and drove off to my local Home Depot. This is where I came across cordless power screwdrivers, which are similar to a cordless drill but considerably smaller and lighter. I was so convinced by this little tool that I went all out and bought the Dewalt DW920K-2 7.2 volt cordless screwdriver. This model is not even close to the cheapest, but the superior build quality was quite convincing.

You may think that there is no need to use a tool for fastening relatively small screws into wood. But if you have ever attempted to build a complex piece of furniture, then you know that the process can become very tiring and straining. My new Dewalt power screwdriver solved this problem perfectly. It is barely larger than a manual screwdriver but does the job for you. Since it is not as powerful as a cordless drill, and has good speed control, it can handle even the most delicate of jobs without causing any damage. I highly recommend looking into buying a cordless power screwdriver for your next assembly job.