Schroers Glass Flat Screen TV Stand

Generally, there are three main types of TV stands, glass, wooden and metal. Among all these types, glass TV stands is usually the least expensive.

Nevertheless, they are strong, easy to assemble and maintain. If you wish to buy one, check out your local stores to find your favorite piece. Before you go hunting, determine the amount of space you have in your living room, family room or any other room where you wish to put your TV. Take into account the weight of TV and any other video or audio equipment which you intend to put on the glass TV stand.

You can find glass shelves of various types of finishing in the market. There are clear, red, white, grey and black glass TV stands. However, the most popular one is a black TV stand. This is because it matches the color of modern age TVs such as plasma, LCD and LED ones. In addition, you can conceal the TV wiring to some extent compared to clear or other colors.

Generally, both black and clear glass TV stands give a modern outlook, which practically matches with any color and décor of furniture in a room. Supports such as chrome, aluminium and black nickel are commonly used. Before deciding on your favorite TV stand model, check out certain aspects first. Generally, a glass thickness of 8mm and above is recommended for the glass shelf.

A thicker glass would mean better strength and less vibration effects, which could influence the audio and video quality of your TV. Some stands have glass shelves with thickness of 19mm, which might be suitable for a plasma TV. It is also important to verify if the glass shelves are made out of toughened safety glass. Some companies, which sell TV stands, include cable management as part of the package while others do not. With cable management, you do not have to worry about unsightly TV wiring.

Generally, TV stands made out of glass can withstand weight from eighty to one hundred fifty kilograms. So, if you have a plasma TV, check its weight before looking for a suitable glass plasma TV stand. Once you have found your favorite and suitable piece of TV stand, take down the model number. You can buy it through the internet at a much-reduced price, even if your local store is offering a special rate.

In short, TV stands which are made out of glass suit any room setting, especially in a modern or contemporary house and home.  Before selecting your favorite piece of TV stand, consider aspects such as glass thickness, cable management and so forth.