There are a few different kinds to choose from with the steel and aluminum ones

Many people opt for setting up a carport on their property if they have more than one vehicle or the home does not have a garage. Setting one up is a good idea as you will not only have more room to store a vehicle or vehicles, but the larger ones can get a bit of extra room to keep outdoor items as well such as a lawnmower,  gardening tools, and even the snow blower in the winter.

There are a few different kinds to choose from with the steel and aluminum ones being the most expensive but also the sturdiest.  If you live in a climate with inclement weather such as heavy snow falls and/or excessive rain and downpours, then you will want to invest in one of the sturdier kinds as opposed to one of the cheaper not as sturdy options.  The ideas that what you pay is what you get can certainly apply to this kind of purchase. Choose wisely and you are sure to not be disappointed and that your investment of time and money will be well spent.

When it comes to installation, you can either hire a contractor to come and build the carport for you, or you can get a do it yourself carport kit and set it up on your property with the help of a friend or two.  The advantage of installing one yourself is that it is a whole lot cheaper and many companies make do it yourself kits that are fairly easy to work with.  A suggestions would be to read the instruction manual thoroughly from cover to cover (I know, not easy for most folks!) and complement it by watching a YouTube video or two on the subject.  Don’t forget to make sure that you also have the tools required to get the job done properly and with ease.

An important point to take into consideration is that you will need to check the building permit laws in the area you live, to see if you will need a building permit of any kind to set up or build an additional structure on your property. The laws vary a lot depending on where you live, so make sure that you know what the laws are and get a permit if one is required. Also, if your home is insured, it is very important to check with the insurance company as to what their policies are. Some will require that part of the work be done by a certified professional for carports to be covered under the insurance policy, for example the electrical work may have to be done by a certified electrician even though you know how to do it yourself.

Make sure to measure the area carefully if you are doing it yourself so you know what size to buy. Be aware also that the measurements quoted by most companies are the roof measurements and not the ground ones; to get the ground measurements simply subtract a couple of inches off the given measurements.