Before purchasing any model of bird feeder, it is best to determine where it will be placed

Whether a homeowner is in the market for a small or a large bird feeder they can find pretty much any style and design imaginable.  It will all come down to personal preference and where the unit is going to be mounted to make the decision as to what they end up purchasing.

Before purchasing any model of bird feeder, it is best to determine where it will be placed.  If there is a limited amount of trees in the yard this could make placement quite difficult.  Even if there are trees but they are far away from the house this somewhat defeats one purpose of providing the birds a food source.  The main goal of placing one of these models in the yard is to be able to enjoy watching all the different kinds of birds that partake of it.

When there are no suitable trees in close proximity of the home then a homeowner can simply go with a large bird feeder that is mounted.  These can range from ones that hang from what some might call garden hooks approximately 5 to 6 feet off of the ground to ones that can be placed on poles.

For smaller birds you can purchase large units that actually attach to the side of the house. But while these are attractive to look at and are designed in good taste they tend to not do well at attracting birds.  Some models can even mount on windows or attach directly to the wall, even though the latter version is usually not preferred by homeowners because of the potential damage it can inflict on the exterior of the home.

Mounted units can even be placed on the edges of decks on the railing.  These are best used when they are higher or farther away from people.  Too close such as to outdoor play gyms where the kids play and make all kinds of noise and it will not attract the wild birds.  Too far away and you just won’t be able to see the wild birds comfortably as they partake of the bird see that you supply.

Homeowners can place the large bird feeder sticking out parallel to the deck on a pole if it is not too large but then they will have the problem of predators.  You will probably have problems with squirrels anyway.  No need to add the cats into the mix who want more than to eat all the bird seed.

No matter what model of large bird feeder you purchase make sure that it will match the layout of your yard and give you plenty of opportunity to watch birds as they enjoy eating and relaxing.