Solar Pool Cover Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining a solar pool cover is not difficult. As long as you store it properly and do not go overboard with chlorine, you should not have any problems. Since solar covers can be expensive, you need to do whatever you can to ensure its longevity.

Here are 10 tips for proper maintenance:

1. Buy a transmissive solar cover for your pool. These are easier to clean than darker, heavier covers.

2. Get a swimming pool cover designed with bubbles. Bubbles absorb sunlight efficiently and send it into the pool. Make sure to place the cover on the pool with the bubble side down.

3. Use a chemically safe cleaner, water, and a soft brush. Hose off the dirt, insects, and leaves while the cover is floating in the pool.

4. Keep the cover stored in temperatures below 100 degrees F. Exposure to higher temperatures will shorten its life span.

5. Invest in a protective sheet. The cover itself should be covered with a protective sheet when it is not in use.

6. The chlorine level should not exceed three parts per million. If the level is raised more than this, remove the cover, otherwise, it will be ruined.

7. Never store the cover out in the sun. When not on the water, it should be kept away from hot areas. It will burn itself otherwise.

8. For short-term storage, invest in a good pool cover reel. This will make your job a lot easier. With an automatic reel, you will not have to take the cover off of the pool and place it back on every single day. Do not keep the cover on the ground while you are in the pool, as it will accumulate debris.

9. For long-term storage, clean it thoroughly and allow it to dry. If it does not dry completely, it will mildew. After it dries, fold it on the seams and roll it from one end to the next. Place it in a clean area with moderate temperatures.

10. Do not, under any circumstance, leave the solar pool cover on the water during winter months. Follow the aforementioned long-term storage procedure.