Fireplace Mantel Shelves

One of the coolest things you can add to any fireplace with your home are fireplace mantel shelves. These products are designed to help people add that extra level of design, as well as allow them to showcase special encore items that they would like to show off. Many fireplaces that you purchase will come with one of these products, but that does not mean that you’ll necessarily like the one that is included.

For this reason many companies manufacture metal shelves by themselves that people can purchase and replace their existing mantels or install one of fireplace that did not previously have one. Other people actually purchase these and use them as just regular shelving in different areas of their home and they can work really well for this purpose also. So whatever reason your interested in mantel shelves for your fireplace we want to give you a few ideas of the different products available and which type is the most popular.

If you are planning to install a shelf above your fireplace then you’ll probably want to choose a material that either matches or complements the design of your fireplace. If you are planning to install a shelf somewhere else in your home then you’ll probably want to purchase one that is easy to install as well as matches the home d├ęcor of the area.

The most popular and most common type of shelf is the wood shelf. The reason for this is because they are the most expensive to purchase and they can be changed in a multitude of ways that allows them to match any home decor items. They can be painted whatever color you choose or stained. They also can be carved to include certain design elements that you may be interested in. So the possibilities are endless with this type of product. Some other materials that these products are made of include stone, brick, and even metal. These products are much more difficult to work with because they are heavier in weight and they’re also more expensive. The heavier weight makes them difficult to install.

If you plan on installing your shelf above your fireplace and you want to make sure that your fireplace doors match the same type of style that your shelf does so that this does not look out of place.