This is ideal for storage of your valuable items and even cash

You may be thinking, what is a drawer safe?  This is a small safe that opens from the top, is very thin and is meant to mount inside a drawer.  It gives you quick security right at your desk.  So who may need something like this?

  • Anyone that is responsible for handling cash.  If you own a business that gets a lot of cash and you are responsible for counting it prior to bring it to the bank or dropping it in the larger safe, drawer safes may be an excellent product for you.  Keep the majority of the cash in the safe and only pull out as much as you are working on.  Many thieves are aware of when businesses have a lot of cash and when they count it.  This way, they would get some, but maybe not all of the cash.
  • Someone that carries a pistol or handgun should have a drawer safe.  Whether you store the gun in the safe while you are sitting at your desk or maybe that is the permanent home for it.  When it is a locked away, there is never any chance that a child could find the gun and have a catastrophic accident with it.  This type of gun safe may be especially helpful place to keep your backup gun.  Maybe you keep your primary gun in your bedroom safe, but your office is on the other side of the house.  Keeping a 2nd gun there may allow you to get to it quicker in a crisis situation.
  • If you handle any other valuables such as coins, jewelry, gold, or even important documents you need a drawer safe.  While a floor safe is more secure and hidden, a drawer safe can be a quick tool to drop the valuables into if you get called away from your desk or you are going to lunch or a meeting.  This prevents you from simply leaving the valuable on your desk where it could be stolen, lost or damaged.

If you handle anything of value at your desk or own a gun, consider getting a drawer safe for extra security and piece of mind.