Many new toilet seats do not even require a screwdriver to install

Keeping your bathroom the same for years is an easy way to get bored. If you feel that your bathroom needs something a little more different and are also tired of uncomfortable toilet seats, why not add a padded toilet seat to kill two birds with one stone?

Padded toilet seats have come a long way from their humble beginnings years ago. They are made of much better materials than they used to be, so not only do they look better, but their overall quality is higher as well.

It will only take fifteen minutes, possibly even less; to completely change the way your bathroom looks. There is no need to get a handyman to do it for you; replacing an old toilet seat is easy. Many new toilet seats do not even require a screwdriver. Just take off the old seat, put the new seat on, and then tighten the screw by hand. That is all you need to finish the job and enjoy your new toilet seat.

Depending on your location, shopping locally may limit your options. Take a look online instead, and you will be able to choose from a plethora of colors, themes, and styles. You might be able to get a new seat more cheaply, too.

Many sites show all available colors for any given toilet seat. Why not a black padded toilet seat instead of that boring old white one? This makes it easy to pick a seat that blends in well with your bathroom’s decor. Not only can you choose from solid colors, but also patterns, stripes, and geometric shapes. You might even decide to choose a bold toilet seat with a leopard or zebra print. Some padded seats even have themes such as contemporary art, flowers, lighthouses, shells, or paisley. There is a style out there to suit any taste.

Even if you might have an elongated seat, you will have no problem finding an elongated padded seat that will replace your old, worn-out seat. They are easy to find and just as easy to install as standard-size seats.

Comfort might be an even more important factor than style. No longer will you have to sit on an uncomfortable, cold seat. A padded seat means no more hard coldness against you in the winter mornings.

Changing the way your bathroom looks can be as simple as replacing your toilet seat. They are easy to find, and can be purchased for as little as $20 online. Make sure to read through customer comments to determine ease of installation and quality.