Home Composting for a Pro-environment Household

Like to be nice to the environment? One easy way to get started to do home composting. You’ll spare the landfills more garbage and wind up with some nice rich dirt for your plants. You can give your Whirlawy garbage disposal a break and maybe have fewer garbage disposal repair needs.

There are several different approaches that people use.

A simple approach is to go to your local big box retail store and buy some plastic or vinyl tubs. If you go at the right time, you can find these on sale for a significant savings. All you have do is to make some holes in the bottom and sides and only large enough to allow of water to drain. This is an outside project unless you want to go to trouble of some kind of set up that will catch the water as it drains from the tub.

Due to the water and possible smells, it’s best however to keep them outdoors. As you have kitchen food scraps, you put them in the tub, layering as you go with dead vegetation. If you don’t mix right, the decomposition can take longer and you are more likely the bad smells from your compost bin. Mainly you don’t want too much moisture in the mix – just the right amount helps the composition to deteriorate with giving off bad odors.

Another approach that fewer people use is what is called vermicomposting. That is, composting using worms. Some people can’t stand worms and don’t want to be anywhere near them, so this might not be your approach. But for others, it works well and they are willing to put up with the extra problems of this method of composting. Worm compost is great for vegetables and plants, so if you want some without the trouble of taking care of worms, you can buy it at specialty garden shops.

Yet another approach to home composting especially if you are wanting a lot of compost is to set a wire bin composting site. A farmer’s co-op or even home stores will have all that you need. Tell the clerk what you are wanting to do and they can direct you to supply needed. Set it all up within about an hour and you are ready to start throwing dry and food waste into the bin. These work very well, since you usually have much more room for waste and the pile is able to benefit from better air circulation through the bin. There you have it. There’s really no excuse not to make your compost with the different approaches that are proven to work.