Don't let your glass shower doors get to this state!

Cleaning glass shower doors shouldn’t be that hard of an affair for any person because everyone knows how to do it. Glass shower doors come in constant exposure with water since the shower doors are, after all, meant to do exactly that. Apart from providing privacy for bathers, glass shower doors are utilized to keep water from the shower head to spill out to the anteroom of your shower space. Of course, you can also utilize shower curtains instead, but that would be the less glamorous and elegant choice. You wouldn’t want to go for that if you can opt for glass enclosures, right?

What You Need to Purchase and Learn How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

In order to have a clean bathroom, you need to buy cleaning agents and scrubbing material. This would be perfect for shower glass enclosures and even bathroom tiles. Agents like Lysol or other popular detergents are recommended because the formulation would be enough to clean the dirt but not to damage the material. Scrubs and mainstream rags of any brand would do, but the 3M scrub is actually more resistant to wear and tear.

You will need the proper materials to clean you glass shower door

With glass shower doors, however, there are some hard water particles and scum that are stubborn to take off. Application of detergent and vigorous scrubbing is not enough, so try this old secret: lime. Get a spoonful of lime and mix it with your detergent in your scrub or rag. You’ll notice a slight difference in the way the scum wears off afterwards. Try applying lime to the lower part of your glass shower door at least once a week for a cleaner and more impressive looking shower set up.

Beyond Learning How to Clean Glass Shower Doors: The Secret to Scrubbing Bathroom Tiles

Glass shower doors are actually easier to clean, but the real challenge lies in bathroom tiles. Glass shower doors are smooth surfaces, so while grime and scum builds on them, they are easy to take off. Bathroom tiles, on the other hand, are uneven surfaces and can sometimes really stick at the edges of the tiles. As such, the grime that accumulates is hard to clean and really looks unsightly when taking the whole bathroom spectacle in.

As it is in everything else, prevention is better than cure: clean your glass shower doors regularly

Here’s how you clean your bathroom tiles properly: first, wet all the tiles with a bucket of water or hose them down. Next, create a detergent concoction and spread them on the tile surfaces. Scrub them accordingly with your scrub or rug; it wouldn’t hurt to follow the lime advice I gave earlier. Lastly, use a thin stick to clean the sides of the tiles. By that time, the grime sticking on the sides of the tiles would have softened up because of the scrubbing and the chemicals of the detergent. Taking them off at this point wouldn’t take more than few minutes. Afterwards, do another round of washing.

Of course, prevention is better than cure, so I suggest a little bit of tidying up after every use. It’s not hard to physically wash or scrub your shower glass doors and tiles lightly after taking a bath, it’s just tedious in the way you have to do it methodically. Hey, nothing hard to achieve is easy to do, so achieving a very clean and sparkly bathroom can only be obtained through discipline and cleaning.