Water damage repair often includes mold removal and mildew removal

We all know it rains a ton in Atlanta. Combine flooding, high humidity and warm temperatures and you get what we call water damage atlanta style! What you may not know is that water damage in cities like Atlanta poses a very serious health problem.

Water damage restoration is the process of repairing properties that have been affected by water damage events. Water damage repair often includes mold removal and mildew removal. When drywall is involved in a water damage event, the challenge of cleaning the property often becomes a lot trickier. Over the years, drywall design and production has improved steadily. As a result, homes are more air-tight than ever before. Stemming in part from past energy crises and the rising costs of gas and electricity, homes are increasingly energy efficient.

While energy efficiency is good in many ways, it can have unintended consequences. One of these consequences is the dramatic rise in mold-related property damage and health issues in cities like Atlanta. The air-tight seal created by drywall and insulation in the average Atlanta home poses no problem as long as the property stays dry. But as soon as moisture is introduced into those wall pockets, a perfect environment for mold and mildew growth is created.

Mold likes warm, damp, dark spaces. What better place for mold to grow unabated than inside the walls of your home? That is why wet drywall is your home’s worst nightmare. It’s invisible. Many unsuspecting homeowners simply don’t realize that when that bathtub overflowed and water seeped into the walls without being treated properly by a water damage restoration professional, the clock started ticking. Months or years later, they may start feeling the health effects of mold. That is why water damage restoration is such an important job. Trust a professional who knows the business and who will make sure that there aren’t any health risks hiding behind those walls!