Avoid Basement Flooding by doing Preparation

Basement flooding usually leads to cracked foundations, sheet rock and boards get decayed and if by
chance any chattels left on the floor, it gets soaked. It is very annoying to deal with the damage caused
and clean up required if you are dealing basement flooding. This entails a lot of time and effort. Here
are few preventions tips that will aid you at the time of flooding.

This flooding is usually caused due to exterior or the interior walls of the basement. Always make certain
that the gutters around your property are always clean, perform outdoor landscaping, construct tough
foundation around the basement walls and fit an additional drainage canal to the area that holds the
standing water. The other easy and quick option is to apply waterproof coating to the basement walls.
This covering is commonly referred as dry lock. It has an amazing feature of absorbing moisture and aids
in averting bacteria and mildew forming on the basement walls. Don’t just apply a single layer of dry
lock; always ensure to apply two to three layers of the same. The cost of flood damage is always higher
than compared to the dry lock coating.

Once these are done, have a careful check at the piping system in this area and ensure that none of
pipes are leaking. You may also experience a basement flood due to the heavy bursting of the piping
systems around your basement walls. If there are leaking or broken piping systems, have it replace or
fixed immediately. If the flooding still persists even after the meticulous checks of the above mentioned
tips, then it must be the sump pumps. These are simple holes that are present in the basement
which collects the water. Have the flood damage controller experts visit your place and have it fixed