Getting your floor spotlessly clean begins with having the right supplies on hand.

If you have just installed new ceramic tile floors in your home, you are probably delighted with their appearance.  They do add a fresh, nice look to a room.  You may also be worried about cleaning your new floors, thinking it might be a time-consuming process requiring expensive products.  Fortunately, this is not the case at all.  Cleaning ceramic tile floors is not difficult, and the best products are quite affordable.

Getting your floor spotlessly clean begins with having the right supplies on hand.  You can achieve great results with only three items.  One is a natural cleaner ideally-suited to cleaning tile.  The Stain Solver Oxygen Bleach powder is perfect.  You will also need a small plastic pail or bucket where the powder can be mixed with water.  For the third item, you can choose between a stiff broom and a small cleaning brush.  To make the job easier, you can have both.  The broom will allow you to do most of the work while standing, and the brush can be used on tough stains.

The cleanser package will tell you how much to use.  If you have more than one tile floor in your home, it is better to use a fresh, separate mixture for each floor.  Following the instructions, add the powder to warm water, and be sure it is completely dissolved.  An easy method is to clean the tile surface first.  After you have done this with the broom, you can focus on cleaning the grout with the small brush.  Depending upon the condition of the grout, you may need to allow the mixture to remain on it for a few minutes.  This will remove even the smallest traces of residue and stains.  After a half-hour, mop the tile with fresh water to remove the remaining mixture.

Depending on how much traffic you have in your home, cleaning you ceramic tile floors on a regular basis should keep them in great condition.  If you happen to have spilled food or beverages, or mud tracked in by children or pets, a spot-cleaning can be done in a few minutes with your broom or brush.

Having ceramic tile floors can make your home look nicer.  Keeping them clean does not have to take up a large amount of your time.  If you keep these few supplies on hand, routine cleaning and quick touch-ups will always be easy.