Pay attention on your Basement Walls

Many people face a lot issues with the basement wall related to leaking water and cracks on
the walls. This is usually caused due to the wet soil and standing water that force against them. This in
turn gives room for the bacteria, molds and mildews to grow and causing a health hazard. These holes
and cracks are occurred to the presence of the water or wet soil. There isn’t enough place for them
to vaporize, hence it is gushed through the gap of the stone or the concrete basement walls. This is more than
enough for the cracks and holes to increase. Inspect for any leaky or broken pipes in and around this
area. One must always make certain that walls should always be dry and moist free. Owing to the extreme climatic conditions, basement wall treatment plays a vital role and needs to done
with care.

The walls are the main attributes of the building and complete the basement finishing. Hence, it is
always advisable to waterproof these walls both interior and exterior with a coating of dry wall. This
is an efficient solution to keep the walls damp proof. This dry wall is easily available in the market and
is made of gypsum. This content in the coating material prevents the fire from spreading. Also, make
certain to coat the basement walls with the anti bacterial purifier. This purifier stops the growth of the
molds, bacteria and mildews and prevents any health hazards that may cause from them.

The broken or the leaky pipes are not a tricky business to deal with; even the smallest leak may seem
very negligible task. However, it gets worse in the long run. This needs a quick attention and rectified
at the earliest. Waterproofing the basement walls on both exterior and interior will add the value to
building and extend its life. The last thing you want is to have to deal with basement flooding.