Most of the homeowners who clean occasionally prefer to rent a machine instead of buying one.

Carpets available today are resistant to soiling and staining when compared to those available long time ago. However, no carpet is completely stain proof or soil resistant. It has to cleaned regularly to keep it neat and clean. So, what type of carpet cleaner should be used? What are the factors to be considered while purchasing a cleaner?

The most common device used in many homes is the vacuum cleaner. It removes the loose dirt. However, it is not able to remove the oil and other kinds of dirt sticking on the fibers. A carpet cleaner works a step ahead by spraying a detergent and completely removing the dirt from the fibers. The ability of the cleaner depends on how aggressively it is used for loosening the dirt.
Most of the homeowners who clean occasionally prefer to rent a machine instead of buying one. But if the house is very big and has a lot of carpets to be cleaned often, it is better to buy the device. Some of the types of cleaners available are the rental deep cleaners, full sized and compact cleaners. The rental types are available for about $20-30 per day. The machine usually have a tank for dispensing the cleaning solution, another tank for the dirty solution, a moving or fixed brush, a vacuum and a heavy unit. Some of them may be cumbersome to handle due to their weight. While choosing a device look for machines with the least worn brushes.
When compared to the rental machines the full sized ones are less bulky and lighter. They work by scrubbing with the help of the detergent and then vacuuming up the dirt and water. These devices are expensive and take up some space too. If the areas to be cleaned are small the compact cleaners are preferable. It is very easy to move them around. Such carpet cleaners need less space for storage as well. Some models require only a push of a button to function and remove all the dirt and stains.
Each kind of carpet cleaner may be different from each other in terms of the size, features, attachments and cost etc. So choose a type that is best suitable to all your requirements. Before choosing it is better to know about the features to make the selection easier. Check the attachments. The upright models are good for cleaning the stairs, upholstery and the difficult spots between your furniture. Some cleaners come without belt. In such types the belts have to be replaced over time. There are some models that do not have belts and are more convenient to use.
Machines with moving brushes give an aggressive scrub when compared to those that do not have brushes or if they are fixed. The size of the tank is also important. If it is large enough to hold large volume of solution, you may not have to refill it often. However, such types can be difficult to maneuver. A long hose is also desirable because it can reach long distances like a flight of stairs etc. Other features to consider are the separate soap dispenser, tank indicator lights and tank shut off etc. By considering these features you will be able to buy the best carpet cleaner for your home needs.