These fireplaces are easy to assemble and don't require contractors or messy remodeling

Fuel gel fireplaces seem to be a new player in the portable fireplace game they have just recently become mainstream as the success of the electric fireplace has taken off. According to the manufacturers of fuel gel fireplaces they are safer than other fireplace options. No hot embers, no hazardous vapors, no clogged jets, and no natural gas to worry about. Gel fireplaces do not require servicing and are supposedly safer than burning a candle.

These fireplaces are easy to assemble and don’t require contractors or messy remodeling. Most fuel gel fireplaces can be assembled with normal household tools and come with easy to follow directions. You also don’t have to worry about chimneys or venting systems or even outlets. Gel fireplaces are truly an easy portable solution.

If you were to install a wood burning or a gas fireplace it would cost in the thousands. Affordable fuel gel fireplaces can be purchased and set up for the price of a few hundred dollars, give or take a little depending on how fancy a mantle you choose. There is no wood to worry about and no electricity or gas required. Although you will need to purchase a couple of cases of fuel gel.

Fuel gel is supposed to be safe for your home and the environment. It is supposed to burn clean with no odors, fumes, or toxins. The ingredients used in fuel gel is usually non-toxic such as isopropyl alcohol, sea salt, water, and thickeners. These ingredients should burn clean and create no toxic effects. Even though fuel gel fireplaces do not produce a large amount of heat they are very efficient. No heat is lost in the chimney, so the small amount of heat that is produced by the clean burning flames can go straight to the room and help to heat a small area.

It is possible that fuel gel are the most portable fireplace solution, they don’t require any venting, chimneys, gas lines, or electricity. You can put one against any wall in any room. You can even put one in the middle of the room or on the outdoor deck when entertaining. Because of this portability your fuel gel fireplace can move with you and accompany you on long cold trips, such as to that vacation house. Let’s say you want to spruce up your office the fuel gel fireplace could be a perfect addition.

These are maintenance free. You will need to replace the cans of gel and you might even need to dust, but other than that you have no worries with this portable maintenance free system. These are also easy to use. Just place a can of the fuel gel behind the ceramic logs in your fuel gel fireplace and light it with a long match or lighter and you can relax for the rest of the evening and it should burn out within about 3 hours. Just in time for bed. If you need to leave you can always use a fuel gel snuffer such as the one by Real Flame.

There are other fuel gel accessories available too. Such as gels that crackle and ones that have certain color flames and scents. There are even incense and diffusers you can add to the fire for that pine aroma that reminds us of Christmas or that camping trip we loved as a kid. Fuel gel fireplaces seem to be a great portable fireplace solution if an electric fireplace isn’t right for you.