Small ceramic electric models are great for a bedroom, small dining area or home office

The best home heaters to keep warm with during chilly winter days are those that work efficiently. Depending on the size of the space, some models are more appropriate than others. There are products that use various power sources as well. Some are great for indoors, while others should be used in outdoor structures with plenty of ventilation.

Small ceramic electric models are great for a bedroom, small dining area or home office. They can heat up a room quickly and usually come with adjustments for power level and amount of warmth desired. The best home heaters will have safety features as well, such as automatic shut off if they get knocked over or get too hot. There are tower models that are slim and sleek. They can look good in a room as well as keep it warm. Shorter models are great for users who want something more portable or who want to warm their feet while they are working at a desk or sitting and watching television.

Propane heaters are great for working in the garage or outside shed. They can warm a large space much more efficiently than electric models and are ideal for limited use, where warmth is not needed continually. Some models are designed for camping and outdoor winter excursions, to be used in a tent or temporary outdoor shelter. Products can range in price from $75 to $200, depending on size. These days, many come with an automatic sensor that will detect if oxygen levels are becoming depleted; if they are, the heater is designed to automatically shut off. If you are using an older propane heater, it may not have these safety functions and so much be used only in a very well ventilated room.

There are electric radiant models that keep the people and objects in the room warm, rather than the air. They are very cozy and many today come with attractive mantles. Such products make the best home heaters for those who want to add some style or charm to the space at the same time.