keep your room organized and your clothes in the right place with wardrobe bedroom furniture

I have always wanted to have my very own walk in wardrobe closet or even a “walkthrough closet” that Sarah Jessica Parker had in Sex in the City. Sad to say I am among you who conveniently double my own bedroom as my wardrobe closet –if only it were that convenient!

So back when I had a bed/closet room, because I barely stayed at home naturally the closet purpose overpowered the bed purpose of my room and my clothes took over my role as the queen of my single bed.

It’s hard to have your old granny’s dresser and few canvas storage for keeping an entire wardrobe. Sorry, it’s not hard, it’s actually impossible.
Impossible until I looked through the net and found wardrobe bedroom furniture. All the while I thought my antique dresses plus added storage spaces from a canvas storage shelf was already bedroom wardrobe furniture but the ones I found on the net looked so much more stylish –even people with their own walk in closets may want to trade!

Getting a Proper Wardrobe Furniture

But seriously, I Googled and checked for the wardrobe bedroom furniture I could afford and finally I got into The universe might have been on my side that day because when I opened the site they were having a sale –on bedroom wardrobe!

The products that the site had will tell you that they really understand the needs of people who have a multipurpose bedroom like me. They have wardrobe with sliding doors to help save more space in the bedroom. Wardrobe with all the compartments you need for keeping clothes shoes and accessories.

Getting Started

As you select an item they provide the measurements of the wardrobe so you can do the measuring in your own room. This way you’ll be able to see how much space it will need in your room and how much clothes and stuff you can fill it with.

Finally, I chose the Lima Wardrobe in beech color. It was a four door wardrobe with two wooden and the other two glass. It was just the bedroom wardrobe furniture I was looking for. At a discounted price of $488.08 I finally organized my bedroom and felt happy to have my wardrobe all in the same room.

At first the wardrobe may have been a bit expensive but then if I kept buying several canvas storage and knobs and handles for my antique dresses then I may be spending more and get nothing much in return.
Now I have my bed back, my clothes are more organized in style. Having your wardrobe in your bedroom is actually not that bad as long as you have the right wardrobe bedroom furniture to keep it in.