pine bunk beds are beautiful and keeping them beautiful needs proper care

Pine is a softer kind of wood compared to the other variety of wood used for making furniture. The softness of the pine wood is caused by the way the wood’s fibers come together. Cracks and streaks that form on the pine wood are the factors that make it vulnerable to these damages.

Despite the softness of the pine wood, it is still used for several furniture and fixture. One reason for this would be the natural beauty that the pine wood has. Coincidently what makes the pine wood attractive and beautiful are also the natural cracks and streaks that make it very prone to damage.

Pine furniture that are constantly use should be looked after, maintained and repaired properly to preserve them. Among the different pine furniture the pine bunk beds are among the common types of pine furniture. Unlike corner tables or decorative furniture a bunk bed is constantly used, force and weight is constantly applied on it and so it is more prone to be damaged.


The maintenance of the structure itself will rely on how the structure was put together and how people will use it. Further repairing will be needed if, for example, a slab of pine cracked completely in half and the structure itself is damaged. But other than the structure one of the things to be preserved and maintained is the appearance of the pine. It may not be a hard wood but the strength of the pine comes from its beauty.

Again as mentioned before, the pine wood in itself is beautiful. When used for a bunk bed people may be reminded of summer camp. The room may be given a rugged yet warm and inviting feeling. The ambiance of the room becomes suddenly sort of summer-like and fun.

Pine can also be used for other types of beds and it can go from formal to rugged. The pine bunk beds would usually be for the kids’ room. Knowing how kids can be, sooner or later the pine bunk bed will be needing thorough cleaning and proper pine furniture care.

Right Chemicals

Taking care of the appearance and surface of the pine bunk bed starts with using the right cleaning agents. Never use detergents because this will definitely damage the wood. Try getting rid of the dirt as soon as possible to prevent them to stain the wood, loose dirt can simply be wiped off using a cloth that is lint free.

Pine Wax

To maintain the shine of the wood at the same time to protect the surface of the pine apply wax regularly. Choose a colorless variety so as not to change the color or appearance of the pine wood. Avoid scratching and digging in to the natural cracks of the pine to keep it from completely getting broken or damaged.

Beautiful pine furniture such as the pine bunk beds are definitely an attraction in any home. Since it is naturally beautiful and prone to damages keeping it presentable and attractive will require proper care.