hang your curtains on the right curtain rod and dress the windows the way you want

When people see window treatments, particularly the traditional curtains, the fabric is usually given more attention than the other parts of the curtain. This is probably because the fabrics hold the face of the window treatments and so the fabrics carry the style and décor that attract people’s eyes to the window itself. However the fabric alone does not make the window treatments, without its other components it would not be hanging in the first place.

Among the most important pieces that hold the curtain together are the curtain rods. Unlike the fabric for the body of the curtain however, the curtain rod is not given much attention but it is very essential for the curtains to hang on the windows and to be able to function well, as well as to be able to pull the curtain open or close.

The Skeleton

The curtain rods are usually covered by the rings and the fabric. While the rings and the fabric of the curtain are like the skin, the curtain rods are the skeleton that keeps the entire window treatment working. Without the curtain rods, then we might be stapling the curtain fabrics on to the wooden molding on the wall just to have a window treatment.

The Right Rod

But just because the curtain rods are not the main element of the curtain does not mean any rod will do for all types of curtains. You also have to consider finding the right rod for a particular curtain. There are certain things to consider when choosing the right curtain rod to match and work well with the curtains.

Function First

Let’s first set aside the style and look of the rod. First we have to choose the rod based on its function. Since the main role of the curtain rod is to hold the curtain fabrics without sagging or going out of shape, the curtain rods you choose should be those that can carry the weight of the fabric. Don’t go for the stylish yet skinny to hold a thick velvet curtain. You will be disappointed with the look of the curtain and you will surely have to replace he rod sooner than later.


Next, the rod should have the adequate length. Rods allow the curtain fabrics to move. It should give enough room for the rings or hooks to move from opening to closing the curtains. If the rod is too short then the curtain won’t be able to extend to its fullest length. On the other hand curtain rods that are too long will make the curtain look inappropriate and short of fabric.

Find a balance in length and weight. When you find both, follow with the style of the rod. If you like to change curtains regularly then go for something neutral and can easily go with a variety of curtains. If you chose to have a consistent theme, then go for the curtain rod that will reflect this chosen theme.

The curtain is as strong as the rod holding it. When choosing curtain rods take these things into consideration so you can get the right curtain rods to hold your curtains.