Give life and texture to your floors with shag rugs

Ever heard the term “shaggy”? Well the word itself would remind you of something retro and groovy, like being back in the 70’s. The term shaggy actually refers to a type of fabric particularly used for making rugs. These rugs are currently known as the shag rugs and the effect they give to the floor areas has changed throughout the decades.

Despite being popularized during the 70’s, the shag rugs are still widely used in homes today. Unlike other types of rugs, the shag rugs have longer outward strands. The length of these strands varies to create different textures and thickness of the shag rugs. You can choose from the really “shaggy” one that can take back any room to the retro era or you can go for the ones with the modern feel.

The thickness of the strands of the shag rug varies. You can choose those that may resemble your pets at home or you can go for the trimmed variety. The effect of the shag rugs on your floor and the rest of the area rely on the type of shag rug you chose. These rugs can warm up any room and give it a cozy feel. Counter the chill emitted by your tiled floors or marbled fixtures by laying on a shag rug on surrounding areas.


Shag rugs have become one of the regular types of rugs among the different varieties sold in stores. Surely, you won’t be having a hard time looking for this type of rug. You can even purchase the rug online. At Target or on their website,, you can find a variety of Fokati shag rugs from a solid collection to a chunky shag rug collection. Prices range from $30 up to $60.

The Shag

The shaggy characteristics of this rug are both an advantage and disadvantage for people who use it in their homes. It’s the length of the outward strands that give it its unique look and texture, on the other hand it’s these strands that also make the rug prone to accumulate dirt and a lot more difficult to maintain compared to other rugs.

Proper Care

When cleaning this rug, the strands have a tendency to fall out, like falling hair. This happens after some time of being stepped on and pulled on by vacuuming and sometimes scrubbing. Cleaning the shag rug is different from the way you clean other types of rugs.

For cleaning the shag rugs be sure to use only part laundry soap with part wool soap. The cleaning process begins when the rug is still dry. Vacuum all the dirt before soaking it in water with the soap mixture. From the soaking to the rinsing process, use cold water.

Keeping a shag rug in an area or two in your home can definitely influence the ambiance of these areas. Making sure that these rugs stay presentable will depend on the type of rug you choose and how you keep them looking clean and presentable.