take inspiration from a French bed and make your room stylishly classic

I am in the process of remodeling the guest room of my parents and we all agreed on having a French inspired room. If we could find the appropriate bed then we the rest of the room can easily come together. Luckily there are French beds readily available in the market. On the internet alone we found more than a few French beds we liked and could take inspiration from.

What’s A French Bed?

From browsing through different sites that featured French beds, I have learned that a French bed does not only refer to the style of the design and décor of the bed but the size of the bed as well. When referring to the size, a French bed would typically mean a “bed and a half”. The original size of the French bed is more appropriate for a person plus someone else smaller. Some sites feature it to be quite as big as a queen sized bed, some would feature a more average, sized bed.

Choosing the Rare

However the French bed has become less popular in the States. Even in European homes, the French bed is not constantly used. French beds frequent hotels more which is still the feel we would like to have for my parents’ guest room. Still we want to maintain the feel of our home incorporated with the luxury and style that a French guest room will bring.

Building the Bed

Instead of purchasing a brand new French bed from structure to mattress to beddings, we decided to combine old bed furniture with new beddings. Their existing guest bed has the appropriate size for a French bed however the headboard does not go with the theme, also we need changes on the number of pillows.

Intricate Details

To complete the French bed structure we decided to replace the plain wooden head board with a more intricate framed head board. We had to concentrate on the details since French beds are known for them. The height of our own French be is also quite appropriate since the original one is a bit lower than other types of bed.

Soft Colors

The colors usually used for the beddings of the French bed are white, or lighter shades of pink or blue. We decide to go with white to keep the room neutral and appropriated for either male or female guests. The walls of the room will be painted with a shade between beige and peach to maintain the French concept.

Classic French

The bed itself has an antique touch to it and the white was incorporated in the beddings. We used white sheets and pillow cases and finally a white comforter. The white made highlighted the visible parts of the bed especially the headboard. The rest of the room was decorated with a few accent lamps. The windows were dressed with vintage floral fabric roman shades to break the plainness of the white.
The guest room now has a simple French bed. It is spacious and not filled with too much furniture. Surely, my parents’ guest will feel at home and special like being in a hotel room.