enjoy having your very own spa with the steam shower unit

With all the different stressors in my life, I cannot afford to miss my spa appointments. However, I have been thinking about the drives to the salon and the money I spend every month just to relieve myself of stress. Ironically I also get stressed over the fact that I have to spend on spa treatments and gas every month.

Find Your Inspiration

By browsing through magazines I have seen homes that have incorporated a spa like atmosphere in their bathrooms. This gave me the idea that all the money I have been spending for an establishment that I have to drive to get to could have been spent creating my own spa in my bathroom.

To tell you the truth I’m not even a big fan of any kind of massage. What I really like though is staying in the sauna room and allowing my skin to sweat out all the dirt and toxins from my body. The aroma therapy that goes with the soothing steam in the sauna room does a great job in relaxing not just my tense muscles but my mind as well. it sort of helps me to get away from all the stressors in my life.

Bring Home the Spa

When I realized that what I really like about the spa is the steam treatment, then I decided to forgo the spa, save the money that I usually spend for my appointments, and turn my regular bathing area into a steam shower unit. This way I will be turning my own bathroom into a spa of my very own.

Steam Shower Unit

I first start with purchasing a steam shower unit. I had to do minor renovations only on my bathing area to make way for my new steam shower. at first I wanted to simply go for a shower panel with steam features but I knew instantly that I won’t be able to get the spa like effect I was going for, so I thought to myself that I had to think bigger and go bigger as well. I knew this would be quite costly but good investment is always money well spent.

The steam shower unit I got was from Di Vapor, it’s a trusted name for steam and sauna showers in the UK. The unit I got was a steam and sauna unit which was exactly what I wanted. They also have other units that are simply steam units or sauna units. My unit is the Berkley Steam Sauna and it has all the features I really want.

Sauna and Shower

When you step inside it feels like a regular shower, but the best part is it has an extension for the sauna. The sauna unit has an authentic spa like feel because it is similar to the wooden sauna rooms they have in spas. The entire unit is actually two units separated by a sliding door. I like how I can easily walk through the shower if I want to enjoy a relaxing sauna.

This steam shower unit is about $5,050 but with eight jets, a unit for steam and sauna, complete with aroma therapy, I know it was all worth it. Now I come home not just to a bathroom where I can shower but where I can pamper myself as well.