Elegance of an Extra Long Shower Curtain

Curtains can give the room a certain feel. There is a certain elegance that comes with the flowing fabric hanging from the top end of an open window. They do more than just to dress up the windows and to have control over the rays of light coming in from the outdoors.

The curtains can create the illusion of movement against a concrete wall, giving the entire room more life as well. Not only are curtains used for maintaining privacy in the room but they have a significant decorative value to the room. Curtains draw attention and they make the room look more stylish one way or another.

Another conventional purpose for the curtain is seen in the bathroom. Shower curtains act as enclosures to the bathing area. As an enclosure, the shower curtain serves as a barrier creating a distinct space for the bathing area separating it from the rest of the bathroom.

As an enclosure the shower curtain is also installed for the purpose of keeping the water where it should belong. Although the bathroom deals with a lot of water, most parts of it like the cabinets, shelves, and other facilities found in the rest of the bathroom are not supposed to get wet.

Like other enclosures the rest of the bathroom maintains to be dry and clean because of the shower curtain. On the other hand, shower curtains are also like the curtains used on windows in other parts of the house. They are not just used as enclosures but for style and décor of the bathroom as well.

There are different types of shower curtains and these curtains have been used even before the sliding shower doors or glass enclosures were invented. Even in ancient times people have used shower curtains to accessorize as well as maintain privacy in their bathing area.

Among the popular styles of shower curtains that have been used since then is the extra long shower curtain. This shower curtain is made up of more fabric and so there is more volume, more drama to it than other shower curtains. The ones which are shorter may seem stiffer and may lack the movement that extra long shower curtains posses.

Extra long shower curtains can make not just the bathing area but the entire bathroom look bigger and taller as well. The length of it creates sort of a margin that makes the illusion of a bigger bathroom where in the ceiling is far off from the floor and that there is more height in the room.

Even today the extra long shower curtain is used in bathrooms especially in walk in showers built without solid or permanent enclosures. The use of the extra long shower curtain serves as the enclosure as well as the element of style and design for both the entire bathroom and the bathing area.

Having extra long shower curtains will create the elegant effect even on the simplest bathrooms. They will create the similar effect on the bathing area as they do on other rooms of the house.