A sea grass carpet is almost as strong as sisal, but is easier to find in rolls of carpeting.

As comfortable as fluffy, soft carpeting is in rooms like the bedroom, having that kind of carpet in higher traffic parts of the house, like the hallways or around the doors, will likely result in your carpet ruined in just a year or two. For those areas of the house you may want to consider carpeting that is made of tougher material, that can withstand staining and the wear and tear that shoes will land upon it. There are two plants used to make carpet, whose fibers are strong enough to withstand much of this force. While they are a bit more expensive than standard carpet, they are an excellent investment that will stay in good shape for years to come.

The first is called sisal, which was originally grown in southern Mexico and has since been moved to Africa for cultivating. Sisal is one of the strongest plants in existence, to the point that raw sisal can actually cut skin. Once woven into fabric, sisal carpeting is probably the sturdiest carpeting available. It is naturally resistant to staining, thanks to its dense fibers, though that also means that it’s nearly impossible to dye, so it’s only available in natural colors. It’s also quite pricey, and so is usually sold in a carpet or mat form. But if you need to protect your floor, there’s simply nothing better.

Sea grass is another material that works well for carpeting. A sea grass carpet is almost as strong as sisal, but is easier to find in rolls of carpeting. Sea grass comes from eastern Asia, and is technically a weed, though after being processed it looks like any other carpet or rug you would see. It’s an excellent choice if you don’t quite have the money to afford sisal.

Either of these materials will make a layer of carpet that will last for years. It will resist stains and take all kinds of traffic in stride. They are both great investments.