White linen drapes used as curtains add both simplicity and elegance to your windows

Simple window curtains ideas are being utilized today. Your grandmother may not agree with the trend since in her day, curtains were very fancy and intricate ways to decorate the windows. However, that look is now considered old fashioned and people are opting for the simplest of patterns and designs that pull the decor of the room together instead of putting all the focus on the windows.

What’s great about the simple style is that it costs less. Compare a simple light curtain to what our parents used to buy. You used to have to have your curtains custom made with heavy fabric and lining not to mention having all the right hardware installed. In addition, fancy curtain finials used to be a standard accessory to add to the end of the curtain rod. Today you can buy simple curtains in the store or online, ready made in sets including everything you need. There is also the options of making curtains yourself which can save you even more money. If you have some spare bed sheets you can unstitch the hem at both ends and insert 2 such sheets into a curtain rod. This is a cheap way to have simple curtains.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be relegated to curtains for your window treatments. There are many types of window treatments available today in simple styles to fit every budget. Roman shades are very popular and come in simple solid colors. Another example are Venetian blinds that are seen in many homes and are almost a standard. A very inexpensive alternative are bamboo shades. These can be purchased in novelty and hardware stores and will match almost any type of decor. Just don’t light candles anywhere near bamboo blinds or shades as this can be a very serious fire hazard. The same is obviously true of window curtains. Plastic Venetian blinds however are not as much as a fire hazard.