Elegant bathroom tiles

Bathroom is an important part of your house. Oftentimes, it is the room people really give attention to when making, renovating or just simply redesigning a house. Decorating a bathroom is no joke. A lot of effort is being put through this room just to make it look elegant and comfortable as much as possible. Other people make their bathroom as extensions of their self. They decorate it and give them a feel of who they are as  a person. So if you see a bathroom, it could also be a way for you to take a peek into the owner’s soul.

There are a lot of varieties in bathroom tiles that could jive with your taste, which makes it even harder to select the perfect tiles. If you have a concept in mind, or if you know your taste or style, then it choosing would be easy for you.

Ceramic tiles, having the ability to resist slips and having no difficulty in cleaning, is often the safer choice. That being said, it is the commonly used bathroom tiles. So, if you’re planning to have your bathroom to be unique, then this tile is not for you. But it really depends on how you will use. Travertine tiles is also an option. It has a classy touch and a soothing ambiance. Also, it really looks clean on your bathroom. Granite tiles is a choice is you want something mosaic, or something to accentuate the uniqueness of your style.

Tile selection should not be the only focus. Shapes, sizes, color and pattern also matter. Actually, it has a major impact on your bathroom tiles. These aspects should be determined before you install your bathroom tiles. Tiles may come in different shapes: from squares to rectangles to hexagons to other polygons. Sizes may differ depending also on the size of your bathroom. Larger tiles are better used in larger bathrooms and so is smaller tiles for smaller bathrooms. Color has a great contribution to the feel of your bathroom. White tiles resembles cleanliness and purity. Also, it makes the bathroom spacious. Cool colors gives you a light ambiance and warm colors gives of a feeling of comfort. Pattern depends on your style.