The very handy illuminated bathroom mirror

Illuminated bathroom mirrors remind me of Moulin Rouge. I always think that these lit mirrors create their own drama –or they are drama themselves. Ever since I had one installed in my bathroom it’s like I had my own VIP dressing room. Up to this day I still try and resist the idea of hanging a star on my bathroom door with my name on it.


Having illuminated mirrors equals better make up, better retouching and for those of you who share the bathroom with a man in the house less cuts and better shaving. You see illuminated mirrors are not just popular for the Hollywood-ish effect they give your bathroom, in truth and in practicality people will surely benefit from them.

Light Up Relaxation

Other than seeing yourself better in the mirror there are other uses for an illuminated mirror. Making time for a relaxing soak in the tub but too tired to light up the candles? Turn off the bathroom lights and bask –yes bask, in the soft light of your illuminated mirror.

The illuminated mirror I have is not like the modern ones with the bulbs hidden behind the glass of the mirror. I have the one with light bulbs bordering the mirrors. The brightness is just right and it really works well enough for subtle lighting whenever I need to soak in my tub.


The types of light used for illuminated mirrors have changed along with the advancement and improvements of products used for lighting. Most contemporary illuminated mirrors use the LED bulbs which are usually built behind the glass. The effect is really modern and is great for the futuristic bathroom designs.

Before I used to think that an illuminated mirror should have the light bulbs on the mirror otherwise it won’t be considered as an illuminated mirror. When I was out searching for different illuminated mirrors I found more practical and simple designs that may not really look like a classic Hollywood-ish illuminated mirror but they still have the same effect.

There are those who have the light on a ceiling lowered enough to illuminate the mirror. Some have the bulbs or lamps on the mirror but they only occupy a certain corner and they do not border all four corners or all sides. But if like me, you’d like to go dramatic all the way then you can go for the classic Hollywood/ Broadway illuminated mirrors. On the other hand if you want to go modern then go for the LED bulbs.

I have seen these modern varieties of the illuminated mirrors from They have a good selection particularly for the modern and simple designs for illuminated bathroom mirrors.

I swear, ever since I had my illuminated mirror I’ve had more than better make up. Every time I go see myself in the mirror, I have fun. The light bulbs do not just light up my mirror, it has lit up my entire bathroom and the feel of it as well.