to be able to choose the right contemporary rugs you need to understand their nature

For me contemporary has always been just a longer word for modern. Something people consider to be in their generation. The trend. However, when I related it to a certain style, specifically when I was choosing my rugs I realized it was so much more than things described as modern.

Contemporary is general as much as it is specific. I’m not trying to get you confused. When we say contemporary, it should be new. But if you look at how contemporary is applied as a style and trend in design for rugs, you’ll be able to appreciate so many things.

People usually have a hard time choosing contemporary rugs. Personally, I don’t think this is because they don’t know how but they don’t know what. It only becomes easy once people base the contemporary rug they choose from the overall trend and design concept of their home.

Fit for Any Floor

Despite being the present trend contemporary rugs also cover the classic design of Persian rugs. The modern and as most people call it “edgy rugs” are probably those with minimalist designs and fit for the modern futuristic homes. This is not the only description of a contemporary rug.

Even in warm and traditional designed homes a contemporary rug will still fit in. These rugs go well with wooden furniture or modern granite tiled floors.


The beauty of the contemporary rugs comes from the story it tells from several generations of rug making and the incorporation of what has been in trend and modern for several eras.

The retro era brought in the polka dots and the abstract patterns which they considered to be modern then. This era also had the floral and neon’s and so they were incorporated into the designs for making what was considered as contemporary rugs back then.

Even way before these decades, the contemporary rugs have adopted the designs of traditional quilting and embroidery, printing flower patterns like paintings to give it a feel of an artwork. Other than modern, what the contemporary rugs have become through the years are classic. They are in trend yet they will surely last for decades more to come.

Be True to Taste

So if you have a hard time choosing your contemporary rug, don’t let time or trend choose for you. Choose with the theme of your own interiors in mind and more importantly, choose with your own taste and personality in mind. Contemporary rugs change and they also simply add and subtract. Try and do the same for the rugs for your own home.