Sophisticated Vessel Sink Vanity

One way that you can really make a stylish statement to your bathroom design is by adding a vessel sink vanity. These modern take on the original bathroom vanity units will add a stylish modern touch. This style has become very popular with people as it is very effective at showcasing their new contemporary designed bathroom.

This popularity towards the vessel sink has created a growing range of styles, shapes and colours that you can choose from. Depending on your specific tastes you can choose from a simple stand alone pedestal or you can opt for a grander design that incorporates a cabinet unit. With the cabinet option these can either be built into existing units or they can be built as a single unit. The cabinet unit style will have a counter top and the vessel sink placed on top.

It is important that when you are selecting your new design that it coordinates with the rest of the design theme and bathroom accessories. One problem that you will not face is from a lack of choice. There is a huge array of contemporary styles to choose from and although vessel sinks are considered a modern design there are now more traditional vessel sinks becoming available. The sinks are available in a variety of materials that include marble, granite, ceramics, glass and even stone. There are also different shapes that include round, square, rectangle and even triangle shaped.

If you have traditional styled bathroom then, a ceramic sink vessel would work very well. These can also come in the more traditional porcelain. The traditional style of these vessels look bigger and more robust compared with the slimmer contemporary designs. These look great with either an antique oak or cherry wood cabinet unit underneath. The cabinet would contrast perfectly with a light coloured marble or granite counter top.

If you want something completely different then, you may want to consider a glass vessel sink. These sinks come in an array of beautiful colours. Some are plain while others have colours mixed to create a really unique look. Many think that because it is glass it is not strong enough and is prone to breaking. This is not usual because most people think glass is brittle. However, the glass used for these vessel sinks are special toughened glass that are very durable. With a glass vessel sink unit you can really make an impressive statement in your bathroom.