Small bathroom sinks are perfect for both small and normal sized bathrooms

When you have a small bathroom space, you’d want to save as much space as possible because it sucks to have a small bathroom right? Wrong. Contrary to popular belief, smaller is actually better: smaller smart phones and tablets, smaller gadgets, smaller internet and phone bills, etc. Having a small bathroom space is actually better for you because you’d have less space to worry about when you design the place, and you also have less space to maintain and clean as you go along the way.

Why Use Small Bathroom Sinks and Vanities for Small Spaces

So why use small bathroom sinks for small spaces? Do you want to save space and compensate for the small area that is available to you for other sanity ware or elbow room? Maybe you want to keep a Liliputan theme and make everything small all throughout so it would look like small pieces were your intention from the very beginning. No, the reason is because small bathroom sinks and vanities look good regardless of the size of the bathroom it is utilized in.

Most modern interior designers perefer minimalistic bathroom sinks

Most modern thinking interior designers adhere to the philosophy of minimalism, and believe that small pieces actually look chic in light of both big or small backdrops. The fact that it saves space in a small bathroom or the fact that your bathroom appears to be bigger by comparison to other normal bathrooms with generic sized bathroom components is just coincidental. Small sinks would look elegant in small bathrooms, bringing a touch of modern ergonomic brilliance in an already acceptable set up.

Other Ideas for Bathroom Sinks for Small Spaces

You don’t need to confine yourself to the notions of modern thinkers. If you think that small bathroom sinks are not for you or your bathroom, then go for something else. Personally, I have a counter top sink in my home’s smaller bathroom, and I couldn’t be happier. Despite being a small space, a small bathroom with a counter top is just more functional while being impressive looking.

Go with your gut when it comes to design, but take into considereation the wisdom of other people

What do I mean by that last sentence from the previous paragraph? If you think about it, most bathroom sinks have unsightly pipes that sprout from the bottom. This is where the drainage and water source for the sink faucet comes from. Utilizing a counter top sink would provide a clever way to hide these unsightly pipes and even give some storage space with the cabinet below and some surface area on top where the bathroom user can place his or her personal toiletries and other bathing implements.

A bathroom is never too small unless you scrape your legs and elbows every time you do your business inside. As such, you should never use a default size of bathroom sink just because of your bathroom size. Just make sure that your bathroom sink is not half the size of your bathroom because that would be over the top. Practicality plus aesthetic appeal is efficient function. Good luck with your small bathroom designs!