The fleur de lis is a popular design which features a 'lily'; it symbolizes french hegemony

Fleur de Lis is a French term which means “lily flower”, although it does not resemble a lily in the depictions we see everyday. Instead, we see an insignia that suspiciously looks like the boy scouts logo. In truth, what we actually see are three petals bound together by something, probably a part of the plant also. Another thing about fleur de lis is that it is one of the more popular signs in the world, so much so that we see them everyday without even noticing it. In olden days, it used to appear in the coats of arms of noble families. Today, we see this sign used in patterns found in blankets, pillows, floor sheets and even shower curtains.

The Appeal of the Fleur de Lis Shower Curtain Design

The Fleur de lis has been considered as a symbol for heraldry in earlier times. It is often associated with European nobility, as can deduced from the fact that the French and the Spanish still use it today in most of their coat of arms. The design became so famous that it was also used in artworks and clothing. It was even used as gate ornamentation, as can be seen from the railings of Buckingham Palace. The spikes we see at the top of their gates are actually fleur de lis.

Fleur de lis shower curtains are very popular patters in most modern products

Because of its association with European monarchy and heraldry, the fleur de lis was there after utilized by manufacturers in their products. These manufacturers rode on the popularity of the fleur de lis symbol, although sometimes some of them merely chose the design because of the popularity and not of the historical underpinnings of the said symbol. We see the usage of fleur de lis in a lot of popular modern art works, video games, and even movies.

A Fleur de Lis Shower Curtain for Your Bathroom

You can see why a fleur de lis shower curtain is perfect for your bathroom because it symbolizes European sophistry. People who see you utilizing fleur de lis shower curtains will be sure to notice how elegant your bathroom really is, or otherwise, have attentions diverted into the design of the fleur de lis shower curtain. Even those who do not know the history of the fleur de lis shower curtain symbol would be intrigued by the quaintness of the design because it is rather popular yet undefined.

A fleur de lis shower curtain will also be fun in making bathroom conversation in case you’re having someone over. One look at the design and people will know you are someone of discerning tastes. They might even ask about why you chose it and what it stands for. Naturally, its association with the boy scout would come in, but you can choose to dazzle your guest about the history of the fleur de lis shower curtain symbol and its historical significance.

Using fleur de lis shower curtains will make your bathroom look more elegant

There is a lot to be said about a deft sense of style, how you seem so cool and fashionable without exerting effort. If you are a fashionable person, you’d know that looking good goes beyond what you wear but also to what you own. If you want to have an impressive bathroom, go for a fleur de lis shower curtain. As an interior designer, believe me when I say that a fleur de lis shower curtain will make you look as fresh as you are when you step out of the shower.