Stylish Bathroom Llighting

Everyone has his or her own favorite space. For those who have a penchant for gastronomic adventures, the kitchen is the perfect space for them. Some would opt for the cozy feel of their own bedroom, the covers that protect them from the coldness of the weather to the warmth of the sun’s rays as it hits your face in the morning. Grand outdoor spaces are also a haven for some, and many have enhanced their al fresco living spaces with simple outdoor lighting techniques.

But for some, the bathroom would be the perfect place to relax. The right bathroom lighting scheme, at the flick of a switch would transform into a private spa that rejuvenates you enough to conquer the day ahead. Not only does it change the mood, it also changes the atmosphere as well as the way we use the bathroom ourselves. For those who want to “revamp” their bathroom space, here are some helpful tips on how to delight your senses using a few bathroom lighting techniques.

1) Take a photo of your bathroom before you do any revamping done. Have the photo printed (you may have a few copies printed just in case). This way, you could see the bathroom from a different perspective.

2) After having the photo taken, check online for designs, including a good color and lighting system. Looking at designs will give you a great idea on how your next bathroom might look like.

3) Sketch your dream bathroom. This includes color, fixtures, lighting, and all the other elements of the bathroom that will turn it in an oasis.

4) Take measurements. This is important when it comes to installing the other elements of your bathroom. It will also shed some light when it comes to the designing element.

5) Do the math. Before you do some shopping, check your account. Not only will it help you plan on getting the cheapest, but the most versatile piece of lighting or bathroom fixture.

6) Consult your palette. It is very important to play with colors as this plays an important role on the mood the lights will blend with.

7) Think smart. When buying the lighting system for your bathroom think eco-friendly + stylish + cheap. This will not only help the environment, but your wallet as well.

8) Hunt for antiques. Go on an architectural journey down antiques store. Sometimes, the cheapest, but most stylish lighting system for your bathroom could be found amongst treasures.

9) Have fun! This is your personal space, so be creative and be bold.

So for those who want to delight their senses, just keep these simple tips in mind and turning your personal space to an oasis could be just at a flick of a switch