Water and soap causes scum and dirty shower doors

Even if we keep our bathrooms dry most of the time, the shower space is constantly wet and moist because we always bathe in that space. Everything in the shower space gets wet, from the shower pan to the glass door that protects and covers us while we bathe. You’d think that being wet all the time, a shower glass door would not require cleaning anymore. The truth, however, is that it needs more cleaning than ever before. Learning how to clean shower doors properly is something that every home owner should know.

How to Clean Shower Doors Glass from Germs

Water is the source of all life. We may not see it with our naked eye, but a wet shower door is a hot spot for germs. Glass shower doors may be water resistant but it doesn’t mean that they do not get doused in water. The water proof aspect just says that it will not get destroyed when in contact with water, but it does not say anything about being clean all the time. Would you be surprised if I told you that there are germs in your shower space as we speak?

Keeping shower doors clean requires discipline and habit

If you own a glass shower door that you do not clean on a regular basis, you’d notice that there would be traces of white stains at the bottom part of the glass. Those would be from the water that bounces off from the floor and onto the glass door. The shower base is not 100% clean all the time since that’s where all our dirt and germs go to after all when we take a bath. The water that bounces off from the floor may have accumulated trace residue of dirt and germs, thereby causing it to be dirty when it reaches the glass door. That’s where scum comes from and that’s why we need to learn how soap scum off shower doors, or how to clean hard water stains on shower doors.

Approaches in How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

I always believe that prevention is better than cure, so instead of waiting for germs to accumulate, it would be better to prevent it with little actions. Every time you take a bath, you always clean your shower space for trace residue that may later on damage your glass shower doors. A simple act of wiping your door as well as cleaning your shower base with a mop after you shower wouldn’t hurt and, in fact, would go a long way in preserving the cleanliness of your shower space, if you don’t want to apply your knowledge in how to get shower doors clean.

Clean shower doors are beautiful and clean

However, since we all lead busy lives, cleaning once a week would also do. The usual routine would be to wet the door first before applying detergent and scrubbing every inch of it. Leaving the lather for a while will help the chemicals to really do their magic and give a thorough treatment of the shower door. Afterwards, rinse everything off and wipe the door so that it is dry and fresh. It wouldn’t hurt to apply a layer of Windex or Lysol, just to be sure that your knowledge in how to clean scum off shower doors are not in vain.

Knowing how to clean glass shower doors are easy, and doing so with your knowledge on how to clean water spots off shower doors or how to clean soap scum off shower doors would come in particularly handy especially if you know how and you possess the proper tools to do so. However, the act itself, despite being easy, is hard in light of everything else you have to do as a busy career woman. The trick is to remember who you’re doing it for and what purpose it would serve them. I mean, I don’t know about you but if anyone ever tried to hurt my family, I’d go crazy on them. Keeping you shower doors clean may be a small thing, but it factors a lot for the welfare of your family in the long run.