Building a good shower means picking out good component parts

The shower space is an all important part of the bathroom because this is where the magic happens, if you know what I mean. Everyone in the family uses a shower from the working dad to the studying son, so it is important that a shower set up works properly. It is suitable for a lifestyle wherein one requires brief but thorough cleaning. If you want to have a good shower set up for your family’s bathroom, here are a few things to consider:

How to Build a Shower Base Set Up That is Family Friendly

A family friendly shower set up is supposed to have all the basic elements of a generic shower space. Unlike bachelor pads wherein wet rooms and walk in showers are good to use, family bathrooms require a more PG type of bathing set up, you can choose to have shower kits, walk in shower enclosures, or a normal shower set up with shower curtains or glass shower doors. Personally, I prefer walk in shower enclosures and if I could, I’d learn how to build a shower enclosure because it has the freedom of a wet room but the privacy and protection of a shower stall.

Shower enclosures are perfect to build for family homes

Shower enclosures are perfect because they provide your shower space ample cover to prevent water from splashing all over the place. Accordingly, shower enclosures ensure that you are able to keep your privacy in case someone accidentally walks in the bathroom while you are bathing. Of course, you should always remember to keep your bathroom locked while you use it, but that’s a different point of interest. Maybe everyone should learn how to build a shower room with locks, lol.

Bottom line: shower enclosures are cool, efficient, and they add to the aesthetic value of any bathroom. Just make sure to use a treated type of glass so that you can have cover while you’re bathing. You can also try to utilize tint when you know how to build a glass block shower so that you won’t have to buy expensive materials and just apply it over your pre-existing glass doors. I personally like those one way glass tints that let you see through the glass from your side but transforms the other side into a mirror.

How to Build a Tile Shower with the Perfect Shower Head

A little goes a long way, especially with regard to planning and shower building

Of course, apart from the enclosure, you’ll need to have a shower head where the water you’ll use to bathe will sprout out from in case you hired someone who knows how to build a ceramic tile shower. People have different criteria in choosing shower heads but their main points of contention are usually efficiency and aesthetic both when in use and during display. Personally I like the rain shower head that most shower head manufacturers produce today because it emulates the feeling of bathing in the rain. It would be perfect for families because each member can individually have fun while bathing.

There’s also the hand held shower head that can be manipulated into any body part for a more efficient clean. Imagine a hose but with a shower head stuck at the end. The best part about the hand held shower head is that you can choose to mount it at a receiver if you want the generic shower head experience, or if you want to rinse your body while washing off the soap with your hands.

Remember, the most important thing when building a shower set up for you and your family is to get a gauge of what your family needs and use that knowledge in choosing the perfect components that would work for everyone. Try to make the shopping for materials or decision making for the bathroom type as a family event that everyone would participate in. Apart from coming up with a beautiful shower set up, your family will definitely have a fruitful bonding experience in learning how to build a shower from scratch.