Accent Area Rugs

Accent rugs are a great way of keeping your floor clean. They slow down the aging process of all types of flooring, especially wood floors by helping to protect it from damage by the impact or scraping of furniture. Parquet wooden tiles are more prone to chipping so an area rug can help them last longer. They also keep your floor clear of marks from your shoes and your pet’s claws.

Large area rugs are not only known for their functionality. They have a multitude of design functions as well. First of all, aesthetically, they act as stylish accents and can reinforce the overall theme of a room be it modern, dainty or sophisticated. Secondly, they can draw attention to a piece of furniture or emphasize certain areas of a room. For example, if wanting to highlight an antique console, placing a bold-colored rug beneath it will make it stand out.

Another great way to use it is as a visual division between rooms without having to use space-consuming, solid pieces of furniture to divide one room from the other. By simply and carefully selecting rugs that have contrasting colors, you are able to define the spaces in a much better way. And finally, the strategic placement of a rug sets the focal point of the room.

Care needs to be taken when purchasing these fabrics just like when buying any other article of worth or furniture. One way of shopping for accent rugs is by visiting websites that sell floor rugs online. Whatever your preference in material or color, these online shops cater to your decorating style. Be it a beautifully exquisite woven carpet, a simple woolen rug, or just a few kitchen rugs, you can surf between sites and make your purchases without having to leave your home.

There are more well known styles of rugs like the Turkish, Afghan, Chinese and Persian rugs and carpets. These are consider to be more exotic which tend to be pricier and a little harder to find. There are also jute and hemp rugs available for those who prefer them a little more organic. Whatever your style, there is a rug out there for you.