Small bathroom ideas for convenience and elegance in small spaces

It’s important to start and finish with a positive mental attitude in any endeavor you undertake because it will enable you to go beyond your limits. I know this for a fact, being the interior designer that I am and the tasks that I have done for my clients and friends alike. We can all do with a little optimism, regardless of what it is that we actually do. Thinking up small bathroom interior design ideas, at least for me, seemed like a gargantuan task but it actually turned out nicely in the end.

The Task at Hand with Ideas for a Small Bathroom

One might be inclined to think that there are a limited number of available design possibilities for small bathrooms and that nothing ‘small’ can be done to effect a drastic change except perhaps a remodeling job to extend its area. While this may be right, people neglect to see that the size can also be construed as a good thing to consider in small contemporary bathroom ideas because there is less area to worry about. As such, simpler and more practical set-ups of modern small bathroom ideas can be conceived easier compared to when a much larger bathroom is the point of contention.

As such, the two most important factors to consider when conceiving small bathroom layout ideas are function and aesthetic appeal. Despite its size, a bathroom must be able to serve its purpose as a place to relax oneself from the stresses of everyday life and this could only be possible with fully functional bathroom pieces. Accordingly, in order to accomplish its job with flying colors, working bathroom must also look good and complement its ‘de-stresser’ function by providing an ambience that is, by itself, relaxing.

It might not be a good small bathroom idea to have sinks in a cramp space

Practical and Decorative Bathroom Ideas for a Small Bathroom

In order to have an effective bathroom divide your space accordingly into two parts with one housing the toilet and the other for pure bathing purposes. Since you don’t have much space, it would be impractical to have a bathtub so a good shower set-up, depending on your preference, would have to suffice. Adorn the room with a single prominent fixture, perhaps a framed painting or anything that can hang from a wall, and a wall mirror that you can have installed. Having a mirror in your bathroom will create the illusion of space and make it seem spacier than it actually is.

Even if your bathroom is cramped, having a bidet within reach of your toilet set up makes the toilet experience much more classy and convenient. It would also serve as an interesting visual stimulant when taking in the image of the bathroom as a whole because it looks important from afar, which it actually is. Also, using a wet room shower set up for your small bathroom would utilize the small space which can extend indefinitely even up to the point of the toilet boundary, assuming that your bathroom is really really small. For best results, use an overhead shower head in your wet room set up.

Since you don’t have the luxury of space, I would suggest that you install your sink outside your bathroom. This is beneficial since you will be taking advantage of the bathroom’s vicinity with regard to the actual use of the sink as well as the plumbing required for its tap and drain of. For a classier look, try going for those counter top sinks with the small cabinet beneath so that you have room to store some of your bathroom implements. While you’re at it, indulge your small bathroom vanity ideas and install a mirror above the sink so you can look at yourself while you wash your hands or brush your teeth.

Applying small bathroom ideas are more convenient but less expensive

Implicit Advantages of Employing Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Like I’ve said earlier on, having a small bathroom is not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that you have to exert less effort when designing and maintaining your room since there is less area to cover. Additionally, it would be a good touch to put decorative non-slip matting in the middle of both your toilet and shower set ups so that you can pull it on either side for your use when you’re actually on one or the other.

With today’s ever increasing market prices, having a small bathroom is also good because it means you’ll spend less on your set-up than what other people would on ordinary or large-sized bathrooms. Of course, you can opt to compensate for the size of your bathroom by buying expensive bathroom pieces, but that would be throwing away a good opportunity to save money, don’t you think? Share your thoughts or small bathroom makeover ideas by leaving a line on the comments section below and follow us on Twitter or LIKE our Facebook page to get more good articles on home improvement. See ya!