The basic wardrobe design will have interior shelves and drawers for storing items

A lot of people are choosing to incorporate contemporary pieces of furniture into the design of their homes. There are several interesting styles being used to furnish a bedroom in a modern design which include the styles of the fitted sliding wardrobes. The term sliding actually refers to the way the doors on the unit move. Instead of being hung using hinges like a traditional closet door, they are placed along a track that is on the top and bottom of the cabinet. Most styles will have two doors facing opposite each other that run on two separate parallel tracks.

The fitted cabinets are usually made of a wood material that can be a veneer or laminate. In the contemporary design these units will be very square in shape and can come in different sizes. They can be placed alongside an existing bed in the room to create a flowing line that gives the room a professional look. The doors on these items will be constructed of tempered glass or a heavy plastic. These doors can be clear or frosted with some plastic styles having a textured bubbled surface. Some styles will use wood doors that match the rest of the piece and will often have mirrored panels attached to them.

The basic wardrobe design will have interior shelves and drawers for storing items. There will also be a standard size rod to hang clothing on. Some units will include a separate shoe area in the form of a rack or interior compartments. There may also be a short rod used for hanging ties. In addition to the various modern styles there are wardrobes made of other materials as well.

Pine is a common wood found in the construction of many pieces of bedroom furniture. A pine wardrobe guide will show you the designs available using this particular type of wood.