Protection from the sun with solar shades

People should know the distinction between the various available window treatments in the market today, as well as when and where to use them in their homes. Such knowledge would help them to decide what specific product to purchase. When the flood gates to my window treatment appreciation were suddenly flung wide open a few years ago, a torrent of desire as well interest for solar shades begun to engulf that portion of my psyche obsessed about interior design.

Morning Glory

I found out that solar shades are perfect for those bright mornings to keep the glare down without necessarily blocking off the view from outside. It’s perfect for those instances when you have just woken up and your eyes have not yet acclimatized to the level of brightness from outside. I always remember to draw my shades when I go to sleep so that I benefit from its shade when I wake up early for work.

The secret lies with the different solar fabrics manufactured for people with different tastes and needs. These fabrics are used in solar shades and vary according to the amount of light they let in, as well as the UV rays they block out and the level of privacy they provide from strangers and outside onlookers. The mechanics of solar shades basically remind of how window tinting works automobiles.

For Open Areas

Solar shades also work best against big windows or glass panels. My living room, for instance, is somewhat spacious and the windows I have are more like glass walls that let the light in. Even if I don’t like to brag much, using solar shades on my living room windows was probably one of the best interior design decisions I have ever made.

The solar shades I bought has made the lighting in the room always well-balanced and the drawn fabric of the solar shade blends well with the combination of the furniture, fixtures, and other decorative elements of the room. Using solar shades somehow makes me feel like I am in the executive penthouse office of a very influential person, although I’ve replaced his desk with my furniture and appliances.

Experiential Basis

So far, we’ve stated that solar shades are perfect when the sun is in the sky and people who just woke up are roaming around the house. We’ve also agreed that solar shades work best in areas with wide open spaces and huge windows. However, these observations are only based on my personal experience and should not be considered as conclusive facts. I was just thinking that my experiences might apply to other people’s lives as well.