There's a way to tile a shower wall without spending too much

There are many ways to tile a shower wall without shelling out a lot for it. In today’s hard times, God knows we need all the pennies we can save (#occupywallstreet!). Hiring a professional contractor to tile your shower wall may not be a good idea at this time, so you might want to consider alternatives to making your bathroom beautiful and functional. From an interior designer who knows what she’s talking about, here are a few ways to have your shower wall tiled without having to spend too much.

Learn How to Install a Wall Tile in a Shower

Sometimes, in order to get the job done, you have to do it yourself. That’s why my old pappy used to say, and I find that his words are very helpful indeed. Learning how to tile a shower wall, as it turns out, is not that hard and I know this fact because I just recently learned how to do so. Being in the interior design business, you get to make friends along the same line of work, so it wasn’t that hard to find a friend who’d teach me how to properly install and set shower wall tiles.

Nothing is as hard as it was a few years ago when you didn’t have online resources to help you. Even if you don’t have a tile laying expert to show you how to tile to install a wall tile in a shower, the internet will provide you with almost everything you’d ever need to learn how to lay tiles from the tools should have to the techniques to lay the ceramic tiles

Sometimes its a good idea to hire a professional contractor to set your wall tiles

properly. Aside from online articles, there are videos and podcasts which you can watch and listen to in order to acquaint yourself with the thorough concept.

Ask Semi Professionals Who Know How to Tile a Bathroom Shower Wall

Helping people out is one thing, because you get that fuzzy warm feeling inside from having done a good deed. Helping people out while they help you, however, is genius. If you really want the best of both worlds, you’re gonna have to look for the perfect person for the job. Use references to find out someone who knows how to install tiles but does not do it professionally. He or she may be someone just like you who has a family and a career but was able to learn and actually tile a bathroom wall during her spare time. You have to be really thorough with your selection because there is the risk that the person may not be at par with your standard.

Choosing a good tile layer who knows how to tile a bathroom shower wall would save you from the pain of regret later on if ever the person you chose was actually worse at laying tiles than you. More often than not, these domestic tile layers would be friends, acquaintances, or friends of friends that you already know or know of at least. To ensure that they’d do a good job, look at their previous work and ask if they are really up for the job. Who knows, by doing this you might even learn how to tile a bathroom floor for yourself and eventually find your new best friend in the process.

The Importance of How to Tile a Shower Wall

Learning how to tile a shower wall, while neat, is somewhat unnecessary

Personally, though, if we were not driven by the necessity to save money, I wouldn’t recommend learning how to tile a shower wall. I mean, I just recently learned how to apply ceramic tiles, but knowing it didn’t change my life for the better. In fact, right after I tiled my ground floor bathroom, I have not used my tile laying knowledge since. Learning how to apply and set tiles is not really that useful, unless you do it for a living, in which case, you would already have known how to lay tiles in the first place.

I believe that beauty and functionality should never get in the way of finances, so if it were up to me I’d still leave my bathroom to the hands of the professionals. It’s not like we’re in a famine or anything anyway so you will have some cash to spare. Just skip a good basketball game or a movie night out with your family to even out the expenses for that quarter. I mean, I don’t have anything against learning how to tile and you should do it if you really want to, especially if you’re the DIY type of person. I’m just saying that you can live perfectly without knowing how to do it and just leaving it to the hands of people who have knowledge and experience with such things.