Improve the workflow with impressive office decor

As it should be in any office setting, the workplace should have an air of efficiency and professionalism regardless of whether you’re working for a company that manufactures clown costumes or one that is a subsidiary of Enron. However, it doesn’t mean that people should lose their individuality to give way for the corporate mentality.

A compromise must be made for both interests and decorum to be properly maintained in an agreeable balance. As such, the employment of office décor can help keep this serious office attitude and foster a work ethic geared towards achieving tangible results while keeping your soul away from the corporate machine.

The Setting

Take my friend Ethel, for example, who started and now runs a small chain of cupcake shops because of her passion for baking. Despite being the owner of this independent business, she spends all her time in the kitchen making it seem like that is her office. In reality, she maintains a separate area at home with a secretary and several employees to manage business records, product orders, tax payments, and other internal matters.

General Considerations

Independent business owners like Ethel enjoy sticking it to the man, but it can also be hard work. She needs a fully functioning office to help her cope with the demands of her business. As such, I took two major considerations when I agreed to designed her cupcake shop’s office, namely, the area of the workplace and the type of work that needed to be done. From there I was able to formulate essential office décors that would help improve the workflow.

An Enumeration

Essential décor for Ethel’s office included roller blinds for the windows because the outside glare obstructed work from being performed efficiently. Accordingly, roller blinds also make the workspace look more professional, perfect for those times when clients or guests come over for business or other reasons. With regard to the receiving area, I also opted to employ tufted area rugs for a homier feel. The presence of such a rug would put guests at ease both psychologically and physically, and provides for a handsome set up.

Then again, clients, despite the beauty of your office, would be unhappy if they get poor results. To help with the organization of the workflow, I utilized great oak filing cabinets to hold business documents, and a Corsica Wall Cabinet as a grand shelf for all the reference material that the employees may ever need. For the bathroom, I utilized chrome bathroom taps as a symbol of the company’s substance and efficiency.

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