Comfortable sleep with a pillow top mattress pad

Have you ever experienced waking up with an aching back or a clicking neck? I have, and I did not know why it was happening until my bed got a year older and I thought that I had to buy a new mattress. According to the salesperson, who happens to be a colleague of mine, as your bed ages, you will start to feel the lumps and the springs in your bed. Most people just opt for orthopaedic type beds which will definitely burn through your wallet. Don’t lose hope; because there is a way to feel comfort in your bedroom without having to give away a big amount of money and that is the pillow top mattress pads. It was a good thing that the salesperson was my friend or else she would not have given me such an advice.

Comfortable Pads

When we talk about bed and comfort, most people will just consider how soft or how stiff the mattress is. You can buy yourself a very soft bed but you might not find it so appealing after you realize that you can’t even sit up without sinking and eventually end up lying down. If you are currently working, it will of course take most of your energy so while reading this, you’ll say, I am too tired to care about these things. As long as I can lie down. It is already fine. Well you might regret saying that when you wake up in the morning with an aching back.

These mattress tops will give you comfort that any orthopaedic beds can give and more. Every time you lie down, it will always feel like you are in a five-star hotel. Obviously, it is going to be soft but there is more to it than just its texture. Most of these products are giving more than just what was mentioned earlier because they are now putting science into its development. This has resulted to tops that provide a cooling system so that even in the summer heat, your sleep will still be very comfortable.


Yes, just like choosing a new bed, it has specifications that will determine if the kind is suitable to you and your mattress. The first of which is the material or the make. You will be able to choose from feathers, cotton, foam, wool, and quilt. Each of these will provide a different feel for your bed. Feathers will be able to give you that fluffy feel while it takes care of your head and neck. Cotton will provide a very soft feel. Foam is the most affordable of all but it still gives you more comfort. Wool will keep you warm and comfortable while it is also moisture resistant, and lastly, quilt is very cozy and can give that very elegant vibe. Thickness will also be a choice given to you and it ranges from 1-2 inches for the thin lines, and 3-4 inches for those multi-layered covers.

My choice for my bed was a two-inch, feather stuffed top. It really helped with my back pain and I would recommend it to you because it’s not too thick but not too thin. Then again, it’s up to you so go and give your bed an upgrade without giving your wallet a downgrade. Tell me what you think by sharing your thoughts in the comments sections below. While you’re at it, don’t forget to follow us in Twitter and LIKE us in Facebook.