Fit your kitchen with professional help

With the popularity of television programs such as Pimp My Ride or Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, everyone seems to think that they can do just about anything. It reminds me of that one episode from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia where Dennis and the gang tried giving a certain Mexican family a home makeover, although it actually seemed like they were kidnapping and destroying their home, which, in the end, they eventually did albeit accidentally (I love that episode).

See, I love interior design and I do it with a very hands-on approach. Despite being regarded as an expert in the field by friends and acquaintances I have done interior decorating for, I cannot pretend to know everything about the home. I surely won’t attempt to fit a kitchen all by myself because there are repercussions to that act I am not quite keen on performing or living up to.

Jobs for Kitchen Fitters That You Want to Do Yourself

In order to fit your kitchen, you need to have a plan or idea of what you want your kitchen to look like. You need to have the basic tools in a tool box, as well as some special tools like battery drills, lump hammers, pipe detectors, sealant guns and marker pens to name a few. After this mini preparation, you need to take precise measurements to know where to cut, saw, attach, glue, or bolt in the parts of your cabinets and drawers that you would fit alongside your other kitchen appliances.

Fitted kitchens make everything easier

The point of a fitted kitchen is that you have everything you need in one area, so this means that your gas lining should be properly and safely routed through tubing which will go behind the countertops and drawers. This would also apply with the cords of your appliances that you have set in your fitted kitchen so that you’ll have an outlet close to your appliances. Last but not least, you need to fit the sink by redirecting the pipework to where your work station would be located.

Misconceptions About Kitchen Fitter Jobs

The truth of the matter is that there are some things you cannot do by yourself without sufficient training or experience. What they show in those reality do-it-yourself programs are montages of experts working so although it may seem easy, customization and repair or renovation actually takes time and skill. This would be all the more applicable if the task you had to do involved plumbing, electricity, gas work and even a bit of carpentry. You can now see, thus, how absurd it would be if you tried fitting your kitchen without a kitchen fitters course or any of these skills.

For me, kitchen fitting is a one-time deal because I only need to do my kitchen and no one else’s, and I don’t know about you but I don’t intend to fit kitchens on a regular basis. I also don’t want to buy power tools because I don’t need them, they’re expensive, and borrowing from friends isn’t that much of an option since I don’t know how to use them and I don’t want to return them to the owner half-destroyed. Simply put, the notion that personally fitting your kitchen would save money or is easy would be a sore misconception.

Save time and energy with professional kitchen fitters

Why Hire Kitchen Worktop Fitters

You should hire kitchen appliance fitters because you have a lot of your things on your plate. You can’t be bothered with the problem of kitchen fitting when you have your social life or your family to worry about, not to mention your job or budding career. Why should you suffer doing all these menial and complicated tasks when you can pay the best kitchen fitters, experts all, to do all the work? Would you really save a lot if you did your kitchen by yourself, granting that you don’t know the first thing about carpentry or basic electronics?

Alternatives to Commercial Kitchen Fitters

If you really can’t afford a professional kitchen fitter, try asking around for friends or acquaintances who might know a thing or two about kitchen fitting. It would be wise to ask for samples of their work so that you can have a grasp of their level of skill and expertise. DIY people are generally enthusiastic so you’d be sure to get good help, a better deal, or, at the very least, maybe even discover a new friend in the process.

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