Marine carpets made from the synthetic Olefin

Marine carpets were developed by carpet manufacturers for the special needs of boat or yacht owners. Because their environment is exposed to the harsh elements of nature, these sailors needed a type of carpet that could withstand overexposure from the sun.

And the constant exposure to sea and rain water while still providing the minimum amount of comfort that normal carpets could usually deliver, not to mention prevent slipping and the dangers or consequences that come with it.

It’s not very common to research heavily on marine carpets but a lot of home improvement magazines actually include carpeting and flooring. These aspects are very important to home improvement and home design. On top of the aesthetic appeal of installing a marine carpet in your home, there’s also the practicality and convenience the installation can give your family.

What Sets Marine Grade Carpet Apart

Unlike normal carpets used for the home, marine carpets are made and composed of special material. The top layer of a marine carpet is produced with a synthetic resin fiber called Olefin, which is also known as polypropylene or polyethylene, while the bottom layer is composed of rubber. As a result of this combination, marine carpets are can be made to take the shape of any surface it is applied against. Marine carpet manufacturers make sure to include that fact in most marine carpet advertisements.

Practical domestic applications of marine carpet

Premium marine carpet is also water resistant. It would be worth noting that Olefin is also used in other products such as household implements, diapers, and clothing because it dries quickly and absorbs moisture or sweat from the skin without any chemical side effects.

Consequently, marine carpets, thanks to Olefin, are environment friendly, recyclable, and can withstand constant exposure to UV rays or other harsh natural elements.

Domestic Applications for a Marine Boat Carpet

You can just imagine my amazement when I found out about the capabilities of this wonderful material. The first thing I did with was to cover my bathroom and the rest of my walk in closet that led to it with yellow marine carpet. It was ideal to cover this area with marine carpet because now I can enjoy the comfort of walking over carpeted flooring without worrying about the material of the carpet getting soaked or irreparably damaged.

Another area I covered with marine carpet was my balcony which had an overlooking view of my entire neighborhood. I particularly liked this part of my house, although I never considered the idea of carpeting it to be plausible due to my prior notion of carpets in general. Thanks to marine carpets, I can enjoy my balcony without worrying about the material deteriorating under sunlight or rain. However, just to be safe, I cover the floor area of my balcony when it rains really hard so that it won’t get thoroughly doused.

My newfound notion also urged me to cover my entire pool side area with marine carpet. Suffice it to say, swimming is now a totally new experience me and my guests. I love how walking on the marine trailer bunk carpet while or after swimming is so comfortable, as opposed to walking on rough granite. Since the skin is sensitive after being soaked, I thoroughly appreciate the softness of marine carpet against my feet.